Tawaine Hall is an up-and-coming artist that I can only assume we’ll continue to hear moving forward, especially after listening to his latest release.
— Boi-1da


Tawaine Hall grew up 40 mins west of Dallas in the historically western city of Fort Worth,TX , known for its cattle more than it’s culture or knowledge there of. A little less than a hour drive away equals a world of difference in the Underground Hip-Hop scene of Dallas- Fort Worth.

Tawaine’s journey started shortly after enrolling into technical school. Where he quickly realized that school might not be the best route. Tawaine decided to pursue  his new found love of music. Although coming from the south side of Fort Worth doesn’t exactly make you a prime candidate for hip-hop supremacy. With no clear way to stake a claim in Fort Worth Tawaine started working at a local record store & heading to Dallas on the weekends. Eventually leading him to initial break, producing for Houston veteran Paul Wall .

Today Tawaine can be found putting his own spin on what others may consider out of the norm. “I really make what I feel is timeless versus what is currently trendy” claims Hall. Whether he is bringing the noise as a producer or ruffling feathers with his edgy rhymes Tawaine is on course to leave a bruise where others simply left a mark. Tawaine recently premiered his single "The Oath" on DJ Skee's Dash Radio Network via the Ballers Eve radio show. In 2015 Tawaine was also named one of the Top artists to watch for in Dallas-Fort Worth by the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.


Fort Worth rapper Tawaine Hall has been steadily grinding since the 2013 release of his full-length debut, Failure. He just released a new EP, Lost, earlier this year and the seven-track effort showcases not only Hall’s formidable flow but also a handful of area compatriots, like Da Deputy and Brandon Marcel. From the no-nonsense lead single The Oath through the gentle soulfulness of Never Ending Story, Hall stakes his place as a rapper of consequence in a scene nearly filled to overflowing with talent.
— Fort Worth Star Telegram