"I have to keep going like all the greats before me.


Would they ever say THIS is too much or that they didn't have the resources to make it happen?"

Just a piece of the internal dialogue I'm constantly having over the past few weeks as I try to channel better energy toward productivity. I constantly catch myself saying "That's not enough...go bigger, do more. If you don't do it who will?" I answer with my actions. Is this what it feels like to compete with yourself? Consistently moving the finish line for yourself & blocking out what they feel you should be able to attain. We're all here to win & the minute you realize you write the definition of what a "win" consists of the world has no choice but to fall in line and respect it. The music I have on the way with the artists I'm working with is sounding next level. I can't wait for it to be out there (I'm tired of hearing myself say that too). One project has been sent off mastering for those of you that don't know what that means it boils down to having a few weeks till I have new material back in the world. Another project I'm working on is still being completed at the moment but will be well worth the wait. The world will take note. 

Stay focused on writing your definition of success. Nothing else matters.

Keep #WRKN