Just Do It. (Nike, don't sue me.)


I sat for a few days and pondered on how I'd start actually blogging before I decided to say "FUCK IT" I'll "Just Do It". The last few weeks for me have been about finding new energy going into the summer season. My creative juices have kicked into over drive with the changes in the weather. I'm a true child of the winter with my birthday being in December but it's something about those warmer months that makes it...easier...to friggin think!

I feel like I have actually started on my new project (even after telling myself two previous time that I've started). Inspiration is literally like catching lightning in a bottle for me. I have days where I make musical pieces so dope I come back the next day and question if I really made it with my own hands or was it some kind of out of body experience. Then I'll have stretches of days where I'll make tons of music and kinda like one of the pieces I make. Maybe I'll take that one idea and expand on it and I'll turn into a good verse or maybe a piece just to spark inspiration in another person. The first track that I'm really excited about is called B.M.W. an acronym for Black Man's Wish. The emotion from the sample on this one is nuts!! If you know me you know I'm hard to impress but this one gives me chills when I listen to it. Shoutout to VADR and Lonestar Music for assisting on the production. That's love. 

Real quick in other news I'm back working with my team on new DTD items for the Summer. I'm heading today into the printer to get some mock-ups headed to the production room floor. I'll share some clips on my Instagram Story (Follow Me) if you want to get a sneak peak.


I'll be back soon. Keep #WRKN and don't let anyone tell you that you can't go to the moon and back.

- TH